Private Instruction

Professional & qualified staff since 2007. Private lessons must be paid for at time of lesson or before lesson occurs. Baseball, softball, speed & agility, strength & conditioning.


Cookie Cutter definition: If you describe something as having a cookie-cutter approach or style, you mean that the same approach or style is always used and not enough attention is paid to individual differences.

The Professional Instructors at The Sandlot do NOT believe in teaching the cookie cutter approach. While there are similar technical mechanics necessary for the proper swing, we work closely with each batter to differentiate the aspects of hitting and apply changes to help that particular aspect of the swing. Every player requires their own set of instructions and hitting drills to maximize his/her understanding and potential.

Want to see it for yourselves?  Come “Test Drive” an instructor:  $15 for 15 minutes will get you a professional analysis of your swing and what corrections need to be applied.  You will also be given a few drills to help work on those corrections as well.

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# people 30 minutes 1 hour
1 Person (or 2 siblings) $35 $55
2 People $35/ea
3-4 People $25/ea
*some instructors may 
have different pricing

Cancellation Policy

Lessons, Teams, and all other Scheduled Reservations must be prepaid. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball and we will try our best to work with you. However, due to high demand for instructors & facility space during peak winter months, if a reservation is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled start time AND we cannot fill your time slot, no refund or credit will be given. Refunds are at the sole discretion of the management.

Team & Group Rates

$50 non-refundable deposit at time of reservation

Group lesson includes: 1 pitching mound, 1 batting cage w/ machine, 1 soft-toss machine, 60×50″ mini-field, when available,  (if other cages are unoccupied at time of practice, teams may use them as well) (mini-field can be divided up into 4 separate tunnels)

2021 Pricing

8+ Players min $10/player (best for hitting only) 1 hour
8+ Players min $10/player or $125 max for team 1.5 hours
add an instructor for $5 more pp 1-1.5 hrs