We have 2022 bats instock, including: LXT, META, ROCKETECH, CRBN 1, NEXUS, CF; THE GOODS, WIDOWMAKER, SELECT PWR, SOLO, MISSLE, NUKE, PWR CRBN, and many more.
Our qualified staff can help fit the appropriate bat size: length, weight and weight distribution.  We look at each players swing mechanics to ensure the proper fit. Don’t go by “charts.” They are a guideline only! There are a number of factors to consider. 

  Some of our Pro Shop Vendors include:  Backyard Batter Pro Machines, Tanner Tees, Wilson, Louisville Slugger, Demarini, Mizuno, Akadema Pro, Anderson, Powernet, Easton, Axe, Lizard Skins, Backyard Batter Pro, Spiderz & Vipers Gloves, and more at low, internet pricing.  Baseball, Fastpitch and Slowpitch products.  Team, coaches and league field equipment too!

If you don’t see what you want in stock, we can order it for you at internet pricing.


Tanner Tees, Coaches Supplies, Official Baseballs & Softballs,
Field  and training equipment plus much more!

Automated soft-toss machine. Plug it in or use the rechargeable battery and take with you to the field.

This is the same machine used in the Sandlot for 15 years.  Come try it out. To purchase this machine online, click here: http://backyardbatterpro.com

Great for travel teams, team practices at the field or in your backyard, basement or garage!

How professional (and cool) will your team look using this machine at a tournament to warm up the hitters! Weights only 33 lbs and portable!

Automated, portable,  soft-toss machines available now at the Sandlot. These machines have been used at the Sandlot for 10 years. Plug in or charge the battery and take it with you to the field or use in your garage or basement. Holds baseballs, softballs and tennis balls.

Pro Models $399.99 now available. Professional grade-American made. Now made onsite at The Sandlot.

We can ship directly to you. Call 607-973-2226 or 607-346-0113. We accept credit/debit cards.

Visit www.backyardbatterpro.com for more details and training videos!

Love Your Glove? We can repair or replace your broken laces and give your glove a tune-up

Glove Tune-up:  Tighten all laces and condition leather $10. Most done within 24 hrs. We do not use liquid oil on gloves as this increases the weight of your glove and attracts the dirt. TIP: do not bake or microwave your leather gloves as this breaks down and degrades the leather.

Broken Laces: $7 per lace + $10-$35 depending on number of laces and time. Most done within 1-2 days. We use only high quality laces.

Good teams and athletes practice…
Great teams and athletes train consistently & properly with the proper equipment.