Batting Cages and Hitting Machines

We have 2 pitching/throwing lanes, up to 8 hitting tunnels and a 50 x 60 turf mini-field. Included in the cages are: 2 “Iron Mike” high-end pitching machines, with variable speeds; 2 Backyard Batter Pro’s automated soft-toss drop-machines; 1 heavy bag and 3 tee areas. (additional tees are available)

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Backyard Batter Pro Automated Soft-Toss (drop pitch) Machines (baseball & softball)

It takes thousands of swings to get it right, and once you get it, you have to keep it. Major League players still hit off the tee and do soft toss drills. Why? Hand eye coordination, technique, muscle memory and bat speed. Great hitters don’t just happen, they train! Good for all ages from T-ball through Adult. Controlled placement alows hitters to get both quality and quantity repetitive swings. With just a push of the button, you are on your way.

Iron Mike Pitching Machines (baseball & softball)

For softball or baseball. The Iron Mike commercial pitching machines are the favorite machines of professional players and coaches worldwide largely in part because of its arm style pitching. With out 2 Iron Mike pitching machines work on hitting fast balls and off-speed pitches. We can adjust the speed on either machine to get the most out of your workout. We now use a 9″ soft-dimpled ball ( typically does not damage your metal bats). With just a push of the button, you are on your way.

Catchers: gear up and use the pitching machines to practice your catching skills too. Great workout, especially if you donot have a pitcher with you.


Softball players may utilize any of the pitching machines or soft-toss machines. .

Tee Work

Whatever machine or cages you utilize, make sure you always include tee work as part of your regiment. Tee work is the best overall tool for perfecting your swing. Pros will hit up to 300 times a day off a tee.


$15 each, generally no time limits but most will last 45 min-1hr

. We do like to take reservations, just in case…

Important Notes

All activity spaces are included in the cage use. However, if others are using cages, simply take turns. Its always best to call for a time to use the cages, just in case. You can call the same day for times.